Dear friends of the World Apostolate of Fatima International:

The Pontifical Council for the Laity has published a MOST IMPORTANT “REPERTOIRE” OR PRESENTATION PAGE of the World Apostolate of Fatima International that will be a great tool for our own apostolates at the national level to spread the good news of the NEW ECCLESIAL ROLE OF THE WAF, considered by the Church as a NEW FOUNDATION, and containing NEW INFORMATION and NEW DEVELOPMENTS of the Apostolate. After seen the recognition of the Vatican to our Apostolate, the highest possible recognition given by the Universal Church to any apostolate, we as leaders are called to see the significance of this NEW ERA in the Apostolate, opening new roads and ways to spread the Message of Fatima, in a more effective way. LET US MEDITATE ON THE NEW ESSENCE OR SUBSTANCE OF THE WAF AS DEFINED BY THE VATICAN.  Please direct all your apostolic efforts and endeavours in this direction.

Please go to the third electronic address indicated here to see the article of the Vatican about the WAF, (ACTUALIZACION DEL REPERTORIO DE LAS ASOCIACIONES).  Be sure to include a copy of this page in all WAF’s websites, in the tv internet channel and in publications of the Apostolate. This characterization of the WAF must replace the old ones and must be make known to all our members so that they will open their eyes to the new charisma and mission of the Apostolate and will break the ties with old prejudices and crisis of the past. Please meditate my words.

In Christ and Mary Queen,
Prof. Americo Pablo Lopez Ortiz
International President of the WAF

Actualización del Repertorio de las asociaciones